How raising a business is like raising a child


This video was inspired by this article by Deborah Mills Scofield for ForbesWomen

Humans are one of the few mammals whose babies are not fully developed at birth. Unlike horses, whales, etc., human babies can’t stand, walk or forage on their own at birth. They are totally dependent upon adult humans for constant, continual support just to live.  We are used to this, we accept it, we don’t expect anything different.

Yet, when we discuss the birth and development of innovations and companies (medical practices), it’s totally different. We expect an accelerated path from birth to adolescence to adulthood. It doesn’t need to as long as human development, but it’s rarely Google-speed.

So, as you are managing your practice, apply some of the lessons learned from raising your kids, if you have. Provide a path (or trust DPMS to) providing sufficient nurture and nourishment for growth that teaches self-discipline and self-sustenance for independence.

So let’s do a practice check-up on your “baby” to determine how healthy your systems are.