Reasons to live and keep practicing medicine in South Africa

1. More bang for your buck Let’s see how Johannesburg compares: Consumer prices are 44.09% lower than in London. Rent prices are 75.13% lower than in London. Restaurant prices are 51.68% lower than in London. Groceries prices are 39.36% lower than in London. 2. Exceptional private healthcare South Africa’s private healthcare is on par with any […]

How raising a business is like raising a child

This video was inspired by this article by Deborah Mills Scofield for ForbesWomen Humans are one of the few mammals whose babies are not fully developed at birth. Unlike horses, whales, etc., human babies can’t stand, walk or forage on their own at birth. They are totally dependent upon adult humans for constant, continual support […]

How to start a medical practice

Even though you received numerous years of training in your specialty, not much attention is given to starting a business. We have compiled a 10 point plan, to get your nerves settled and invite you to give us the opportunity to coach you through the process.

Who are our clients?


What services do Dimension 1 / Billing offer?

# Setting up the practice management system and training # Electronic claims submissions (EDI) # Account Management # Staff training and support # Credit Control and Debt collection services “We get your money for you” # Invoices and Statements # Customised Practice and financial reports # We ensure Complete Record Keeping # Electronic claim submission […]


An integrated like-minded approach of over a century

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. There are various strategies to follow when you decide how you will manage your business or practice. A typical approach for a Medical Practitioner would be to consult a financial chain: *Employ an administrative assistant (right hand), which handles all the administrative duties […]


What is the difference between billing and debt collection?

Services rendered in the current month + capturing of the service on a platform + submission of the invoice for payment to the patient or medical aid scheme = BILLING Services rendered during previous months + not paid by medical aid schemes or patients + problem solving = DEBT COLLECTION There is no reason why […]