We offer the following solutions to let you do what you do best, help patients. Let the experts handle the admin.

Four packages are offered which speaks to four different administration needs of the Medical Practitioner.  The monthly service and administration fees are charged only on successful claims or settled accounts, which means it will only be charged on the amount reflected in your bank account at month-end. The service fee is calculated as a percentage.

If you choose either one of the Height, Width or Cube packages that percentage is applied to your old debt too.

The Medical Practitioner may choose not give us their current accounts to work on, and choose the Depth option (only 60 days and more).

Lize-Mari Du Plooy
Dimension 1 Billing Process
Leon-Louw Maritz

“Our billing process is electronic, effective and accurate.”

Henri Raath CA(SA) CFP®

“DPMS offers competitive service fees.”

Dr Leon-Louw Maritz (MBChB)

“To transfer existing practices’ billing arrangements to DPMS is a hassle-free process.”

Tewis de Bruyn & Wiann van Zyl CFP®